Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sean Yox - Fire In Your Eyes New Single-American Tour Dates

Sean Yox spent 2012 touring Europe, He Did over 250 Live dates, Playing 11 countries.
In  Start of 2013, Sean Is reuniting with The Streamers in New York,playing with first US shows, First Gig is at The Living Room, Venue on Lower East Side,  on January 6th.
Check New Video for Sean's New Single "Fire In Your Eyes" on Youtube.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dec 30th! RSVP for COLDPLAYER NYC- Coldplay AfterShow-Party (Tribute)

This is Aftershow event(After Coldplay Barclay's gig)
Brit Rock Fans are inviting you for Pre-NYE Brit Rock Party with Live bands and Dj.
Date December 30th
Venue: Matchless (Williamsburg)

Monday, November 19, 2012


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Saturday, November 17, 2012


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Monday, November 12, 2012

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Perilium - Optic72

Perilium - Optic72

Perilium are band from Brisbane Australia.
First Impression About Perilium is Heavy Metal, Looking at their logo and Listening to their Opening track.
But first impression doesn't have to be, true and that’s the case with Perilium.
What Catches on here is versatile approach to music subgenres.
In fact their music is much more on roots of Nirvana, Faith No More, with slight Psychedelic Feel, Not Uncommon Thing with All bands who are influenced by Pink Floyd.
This is Intentionally Instrumental act with Few Vocal throw ins.
What is not missing here is Atomsphere. Even Done in Rehearsal Studio, There are some nice Lead lines, Hooks, overly pretty nice guitar work.
at this point This music would be great for Indie Films as background.
My Favorite number Lost Dream. It’s cool Check it out Folks!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Misprint Thusrday and Miso Susanowa - The Roof Is Gone

Misprint Thusrday and Miso Susanowa

Is an Indie Psychedelic artist or Precisly it's Colaboration of  Misprint Thursday with Miso Susanowa, and other arrangers and producers.
Behind Misprint Thursday  is US artist Karina Mitchell. Karina  has exhibited her art work in Universities and galleries wordlvide.
Misprint Thursday Vocals are reminescent of Susan Vega or Lindsey Buckingham.
Her Influences  lean towards engaging and World fused sound, flirting with Peter Gabriel, Philip Glass and Vampire Weekend, for good measure.
Misprint is collaborating with different arrangers and Multi instrumentalists, That gives more weight to her music endeavours.
In some ways very minimalistic, In other way Beautiful melodies, pretty much acceptable for your World and Avantgarde Music Collection.


Mr Kite

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sierra Hurtt - Hurt U

Sierra Hurtt

Sierra is coming from Philadelphia, where she was entitled as one of the best New and Upcoming Songwriters.
Sierra Is Pop Rock Soul artist and her music coould be associated with Sade and Tracy Chapman.
Well written love Stories, with some catchy lyrical moments, could define her direction as songwriter.
"Eventually The Sun Will Rise" and that could adjust to her Believe in Love Message.
But If she gets hurt she'll revenge! Sierra is Working good musicians who add flavour and great sound to her music.
On This single she Worked with Daniel Bacon on Bass, Russell Gellman on Drums, Sam McIlvain on Guitar and she Played Piano
Did All vocals.
Athina is goind on Tour And Lucky European fans will get achance to see her in Europe this Spring.


Mr Kite

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Slim Loris - Down To Earth

Slim Loris

Slim Loris is coming from Stockholm. This is Swedish Rock, New Wave, Indie Band.
They have slight similarity with Mike and Mechanics, or maybe Crowded House.
In  fact that they tide their influences to 60's scene, which became Main Alternative scene in Europe,
And raised very much Wave of new Garage Rock bands with some exceptional names. Slim Moris are more Pop oriented, there's a general 60's vibe.
If you power up Mamas and Papas with your guitar,  you can get that feeling, as close as possible.
Other side of Slim Loris sound is Britpop, That could match  Levellers.
Stockholm could be European Music Capital that gave many interesting acts to the music world and it's always interesting to hear what's going there.
Let's mention The Hives or Peter Bjorn and John as an Example
So always eager to hear What's coming from that side, That's the case with Slim Loris, We want more!


Mr Kite

Mike Moss - Cold World Plastic Dream

Mike Moss - Cold World Plastic Dream

Futuristic, Ambiental, Pop?
Mike Moss is pop musician, With slight similarity to Coldplay or Let's say something that you would excpect
from American Idol, kitchen, slightly touch with Cranberries, and somewhat overly produced. Songs are struggling to get out covered with multiple layers of synth instruments.
This pretty much main stream leaning project, sounds like you would get from major labels, That's not a bad thing.
There's no byte in there everything is very much pop-schlager oriented, with nice flower decorations and smiling morning show folks. Well this music world is segregated and maybe I'm to personal, but if i would hear this i would say Swedish Pop.Now What usually makes a difference is playing live. If you put this music on stage and go on tour sound will be different. And Listening act live can be much different from what you hear on the album.
There's a long history of success with smiliar acts. Example Robbie Williams. you can love it or hate it it's there, and it's Popular
Mike is making appealing music, and If "It's the Time"  goes viral Mike can Definitelly score. So push it folks! 


Mr Kite

Labour Day Weekend in Cherry Bar - Melbourne

March 11th Cherry Bar Melbourne

Left Feels Right
That Gold Street Sound
The Sinners

Upcoming Shows

Check for Lates Updates from RTV!

Radiohead Post Party - Kansas City - Riot Room

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rob Crawford - Fingers Crossed

Rob Crawford 
Walking the Rock Retro World of Early 90's 
his Ancestors Primal Scream did it Before, And Possibly he can get you on the Indie Dancing Shoes.
Maybe, This Electro Beat Spunkin, long rollin' hook driven album, can wake you to The Who I Can't Explain, vibe.
It's up to your imagination. I wouldn't tell you anyting without Proof, And I would Listen to this Stooges driven dark Garage
Feel. When you Gone you're Gone is Very much Muse like song With Herman's Hermits pushing the Harmonies.
I don't know if you wanna be Syth-sized but yeah! you can smile and you can keep your finger crossed, to see Rob Crawford in your town.
Cause you gonna be his fan, and He deservs it. 


Mr Kite

Friday, March 2, 2012

Evil Eyes

When i heard Evil Eyes I initially thought This is Manchester band.
Band have two members Greg Mabry & Joe Frabotta. What's cool is how music evolve in different parts world.
Evil Eyes are from San Francisco, and don't sound like jam band, cool! (No worries I love Jam Bands!)
These guys are all the way between Smiths and Stone Roses. You can't miss there. 
Guitar works really psychedelic and , also Songs are really catchy, and radio friendly.
Band is new and there's not so much information on them or live shows. Hopefully they gonna start playing live.
At the end you're into any of Oasis, Verve, Kasabian stuff you gonna like them!

Mr Kite

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adena Atkins-The Slowest Curve

Adena Atkins

Adena is Dreamy Girl with Imagination, coming out from Seattle's music scene.
Her Approach of trying to be Different in the Indie pop world, could possibly work as a concept.
Her concept is strong Story telling, But in the same time keeping you enlightened to the point
that you gonna accept her music as unavoidable addiction. Maybe she accomlished a lot latelly,
But her first West Coast tour should Groundbreaking as well. He EP The Slowest Curve came as
colaboration effortwith producer Jay Pinto. She's Like Natalie Imbruglia or Dido but with more groove and ambience.
Now we gonna wait for her tour and go and check Adena live. Look for her upcoming Cherries & Horses west coast tour, in partnership with fellow songstress Jessica Lynne. and Don't forget to tell your friends!


Mr Kite

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Planetary Nights is Tim J Sweeney Project. It's a band label project under the same title.
Tim is from New York , But his music is basically very much Nashville or South driven, So it's not typical for NYC Punk
or Postpunk Scene.In New York there are a few cool clubs, very familiar with this  type of sound, one is Rodeo Bar and other one National Underground to name a few.
Tim J Sweeney knows how to cross from Folk to Classic Rock with enthusiasm  The Byrds did. His guitars have that sparkling , shiny sound that Roger McGuinn had at the time.
Planetary Nights, project can be sorted in the same alley as Black Crows own Chris Robinson's Solo Efforts.
Sweeney's sound and style have evolved over the three albums that he released trough his Planetary Nights label,since 2009, and reflect an Americana vibe, dynamic storyline, as well as an assortment of influences he picked up playing  venues of his hometown New York City
over the decades.
His guestes (read band members) on the album include some prominent and seasonal musicians; Kelley Looney (Steve Earle), Rob Thomas (Peter Frampton), and Phil Cimino who worked with Chris Barron( Ex Spin Doctors).
Tim J Sweeney music has grown with New Album to the next level, and there's a question if band gonna be hitting road to get loyal following,
while keeping his Classic Rock Spirit driving you trough New York City Nights.


Mr Kite

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


DrunkSouls are French band that tap into legendary Mano Negra, influences.
If Any Non English Speaking band did change and was hugely popular around Europe that was Mano Negra,
 and That's the sound that is absolutely missing in today's Corporate-Idol infused, brainwashing scene.
Drunksouls are Talking about Sex and Revolution, Singing like Marley sons, And having Somewhat
Beastie Boys Attitude, With pretty much West Coast Guitar sounds.
They Don't sound like any of Popy Icons like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and That's good thing.
I can see them playing along with Damian Marley or any of big Pot culture festivals, where Similar acts do great job.
French music was always more experimental and having more open approach to different cultures and their  influences.
And Drunksouls have similar way of thinking.They like to state that,they're "creating a unique sound with little to no borders."
And they doing it since  2002. Hopefully they gonna be touring other side of the ocean and get Reagge, and Rock fans Rolling into
their Revolutionary but Positive and funny state of mind.


Mr Kite

Sunday, February 19, 2012

George F.E.S.T. in New York

George Harrison Celebration in the form of Small Indie Fest in premier Indie Venues in New York, Just finished it's 1st chapter.
Last week 3 shows were held in 3 Brooklyn venues, Glasslands, Hanks Saloon and Spike Hill.

Among the performers were Alan Merrill, ( The Arrows) , David Peel & The Lower East Side, Sean Yox & The Streamers, Velta, Fish Doctor, Nenad Bach Band, Manswell Godspeed and Black Forest. Next week 3 more shows are schedueled, with Final gig at Mercury Lounge On of the best New York Indie - Rock venues.

Katrin The Thrill

Here We have Greek Dark Indie band.
Katrin the Thrill, from Athens Greece.
Well this is interesting cause this is the land you could be familiar with. When hords of tourists invade islands,
make sure to be among them. Dark sound could be something that Greek alternative culture leanning to recently, and
Katrin is not an exception.They have edge of PJ Harvey, But with very much Greek Gothic Approach, Guitars Sonic driven Harsh and psychedelic,
Earth Is Calling Us, come up as strongest number on This EP, With a lead that could have some roots in "4 Horsemen" legend.
Her Story is emotional, but with dark punch, and driving New Wave hooks with rolling monotonic bass to keep you, flowing in the river of
Post Punk Revenge.
So Music fans Check This Cool Band Love Them on Facebook, And go check their gigs it's worth it.


Mr Kite

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pause MC

Pause MC

is LA-Venice local and multifaceted artist. He's real name is Daniel Kushnir.
"Pause" recently  has won Hip-Hop Song of the Year for his song "Caroline". It's's international songwriting contest.
"There Must be some kind of way out of here", is kick off start for Pause MC, taking this Dylan or if you like Hendrix ( He covered it), Hook to whole new world.
While East Coast hip hop has been characterized for by multi-syllabic rhymes and know for its emphasis on lyrical dexterity, Pause is channeling the spirit of the '90s North California rap in which e grew up. Meaning huge brassy beats, funky low-end, and a tuneful, conscious-style flow
Also he did mixed this style with psych inputs and repeating chorus.That brought Pause MC into new world of Hip Hip with ambiance.
His Album PACIFIC ROSE also features some famous collaborators from LA underground scene.Double K from People Under the Stairs, who helped in polishing this album to be ready for major marketing and distribution channels.

It's nicely produced and cool Positive Hip Hop album , that you can play and repeat to everyone.

Mr Kite

Silence Donegood - Granola Kids

Silence DoneGood - Granola Kids
Do We Need New Noize Pop Revoloution!?
Yeah, No, Maybe, It is not here yet! But...
This guys are on the way to something. Despite the fact that sound is Low Quality, probably recorded using Granp-a's old Radio.
What really strikes is Melody and Lyrics that trying to make you thinking! Even You think that you gonna be stuck with Emo all your life, and there's no exit.
Silence Dogodood Will show you In their Fuzzy Pop way, that there's a light at the end of tunnel and slide you to the other side, where everything makes more sense.They sing about broken society calling Kurt Cobain to come and rescue them.
This song have traces and it could be reminiscence of some Manchester Bands of heroic era of New Wave Brit Pop
And Don't forget they coming from Detroit is whole different scene. So, folks let’s support this and give some encouragement to Silence Donegood come out with full album one day. Yeah and to do some live gigs that's where they gonna craft their skills.


Mr Kite

Monday, February 13, 2012

Countless Thousands - We're Just Really Excited To Be Here

Countless Thousands,Is band from Garden Grove, CA,With Danger Van Gorder guitar and vocals, Davey Munch on bass, and Jon David on 
I got a chance to listen to their new album "We're Just Really Excited To Be Here".
Band is playing regionally and somewhat Nationally promoting their new album.
This band belong to Modern Punk- Emo scene but with a sight difference that their music is flavored with, Strong Rock-Funky hooks,
So meaning that can apply to different sort of audiencess, it's really plus point for marketing and getting fans in the venues.
While you enjoy Pumpimg guitar riffs that would storm your favorite Indie Club, be also ready for some Radiohead psych breaks  (A Pirate's Shanty).
Well, for all  indie acoustic fans,  Acoustic side is also covered, more like Incubus walking to Offspring , but missing big Sing-a-long chorus, I guess if it's made for that at all.
I guess Strongest bet this band is basically Rockin Funk-Punk hooks, that can drive any crowd from any Dive bar to Arena Setting.
You can check Countless Thousands on Facebook
and also buy their music there.


Mr Kite