Monday, March 5, 2012

Rob Crawford - Fingers Crossed

Rob Crawford 
Walking the Rock Retro World of Early 90's 
his Ancestors Primal Scream did it Before, And Possibly he can get you on the Indie Dancing Shoes.
Maybe, This Electro Beat Spunkin, long rollin' hook driven album, can wake you to The Who I Can't Explain, vibe.
It's up to your imagination. I wouldn't tell you anyting without Proof, And I would Listen to this Stooges driven dark Garage
Feel. When you Gone you're Gone is Very much Muse like song With Herman's Hermits pushing the Harmonies.
I don't know if you wanna be Syth-sized but yeah! you can smile and you can keep your finger crossed, to see Rob Crawford in your town.
Cause you gonna be his fan, and He deservs it. 


Mr Kite

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