Thursday, March 8, 2012

Slim Loris - Down To Earth

Slim Loris

Slim Loris is coming from Stockholm. This is Swedish Rock, New Wave, Indie Band.
They have slight similarity with Mike and Mechanics, or maybe Crowded House.
In  fact that they tide their influences to 60's scene, which became Main Alternative scene in Europe,
And raised very much Wave of new Garage Rock bands with some exceptional names. Slim Moris are more Pop oriented, there's a general 60's vibe.
If you power up Mamas and Papas with your guitar,  you can get that feeling, as close as possible.
Other side of Slim Loris sound is Britpop, That could match  Levellers.
Stockholm could be European Music Capital that gave many interesting acts to the music world and it's always interesting to hear what's going there.
Let's mention The Hives or Peter Bjorn and John as an Example
So always eager to hear What's coming from that side, That's the case with Slim Loris, We want more!


Mr Kite

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