Monday, March 19, 2012

Misprint Thusrday and Miso Susanowa - The Roof Is Gone

Misprint Thusrday and Miso Susanowa

Is an Indie Psychedelic artist or Precisly it's Colaboration of  Misprint Thursday with Miso Susanowa, and other arrangers and producers.
Behind Misprint Thursday  is US artist Karina Mitchell. Karina  has exhibited her art work in Universities and galleries wordlvide.
Misprint Thursday Vocals are reminescent of Susan Vega or Lindsey Buckingham.
Her Influences  lean towards engaging and World fused sound, flirting with Peter Gabriel, Philip Glass and Vampire Weekend, for good measure.
Misprint is collaborating with different arrangers and Multi instrumentalists, That gives more weight to her music endeavours.
In some ways very minimalistic, In other way Beautiful melodies, pretty much acceptable for your World and Avantgarde Music Collection.


Mr Kite


Anonymous said...

you can also check out the new release Hard Return on thesixtyone here:

Miso Susanowa said...

Hi! Thanks for reviewing our material! 'Roof' is our first co-composition & we are excited to be working together again. You can hear our second release at the above link, or the special edition netmix here:
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