Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mike Moss - Cold World Plastic Dream

Mike Moss - Cold World Plastic Dream

Futuristic, Ambiental, Pop?
Mike Moss is pop musician, With slight similarity to Coldplay or Let's say something that you would excpect
from American Idol, kitchen, slightly touch with Cranberries, and somewhat overly produced. Songs are struggling to get out covered with multiple layers of synth instruments.
This pretty much main stream leaning project, sounds like you would get from major labels, That's not a bad thing.
There's no byte in there everything is very much pop-schlager oriented, with nice flower decorations and smiling morning show folks. Well this music world is segregated and maybe I'm to personal, but if i would hear this i would say Swedish Pop.Now What usually makes a difference is playing live. If you put this music on stage and go on tour sound will be different. And Listening act live can be much different from what you hear on the album.
There's a long history of success with smiliar acts. Example Robbie Williams. you can love it or hate it it's there, and it's Popular
Mike is making appealing music, and If "It's the Time"  goes viral Mike can Definitelly score. So push it folks! 


Mr Kite

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