Wednesday, February 22, 2012


DrunkSouls are French band that tap into legendary Mano Negra, influences.
If Any Non English Speaking band did change and was hugely popular around Europe that was Mano Negra,
 and That's the sound that is absolutely missing in today's Corporate-Idol infused, brainwashing scene.
Drunksouls are Talking about Sex and Revolution, Singing like Marley sons, And having Somewhat
Beastie Boys Attitude, With pretty much West Coast Guitar sounds.
They Don't sound like any of Popy Icons like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and That's good thing.
I can see them playing along with Damian Marley or any of big Pot culture festivals, where Similar acts do great job.
French music was always more experimental and having more open approach to different cultures and their  influences.
And Drunksouls have similar way of thinking.They like to state that,they're "creating a unique sound with little to no borders."
And they doing it since  2002. Hopefully they gonna be touring other side of the ocean and get Reagge, and Rock fans Rolling into
their Revolutionary but Positive and funny state of mind.


Mr Kite

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