Thursday, February 16, 2012

Silence Donegood - Granola Kids

Silence DoneGood - Granola Kids
Do We Need New Noize Pop Revoloution!?
Yeah, No, Maybe, It is not here yet! But...
This guys are on the way to something. Despite the fact that sound is Low Quality, probably recorded using Granp-a's old Radio.
What really strikes is Melody and Lyrics that trying to make you thinking! Even You think that you gonna be stuck with Emo all your life, and there's no exit.
Silence Dogodood Will show you In their Fuzzy Pop way, that there's a light at the end of tunnel and slide you to the other side, where everything makes more sense.They sing about broken society calling Kurt Cobain to come and rescue them.
This song have traces and it could be reminiscence of some Manchester Bands of heroic era of New Wave Brit Pop
And Don't forget they coming from Detroit is whole different scene. So, folks let’s support this and give some encouragement to Silence Donegood come out with full album one day. Yeah and to do some live gigs that's where they gonna craft their skills.


Mr Kite

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