Thursday, February 23, 2012


Planetary Nights is Tim J Sweeney Project. It's a band label project under the same title.
Tim is from New York , But his music is basically very much Nashville or South driven, So it's not typical for NYC Punk
or Postpunk Scene.In New York there are a few cool clubs, very familiar with this  type of sound, one is Rodeo Bar and other one National Underground to name a few.
Tim J Sweeney knows how to cross from Folk to Classic Rock with enthusiasm  The Byrds did. His guitars have that sparkling , shiny sound that Roger McGuinn had at the time.
Planetary Nights, project can be sorted in the same alley as Black Crows own Chris Robinson's Solo Efforts.
Sweeney's sound and style have evolved over the three albums that he released trough his Planetary Nights label,since 2009, and reflect an Americana vibe, dynamic storyline, as well as an assortment of influences he picked up playing  venues of his hometown New York City
over the decades.
His guestes (read band members) on the album include some prominent and seasonal musicians; Kelley Looney (Steve Earle), Rob Thomas (Peter Frampton), and Phil Cimino who worked with Chris Barron( Ex Spin Doctors).
Tim J Sweeney music has grown with New Album to the next level, and there's a question if band gonna be hitting road to get loyal following,
while keeping his Classic Rock Spirit driving you trough New York City Nights.


Mr Kite

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