Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adena Atkins-The Slowest Curve

Adena Atkins

Adena is Dreamy Girl with Imagination, coming out from Seattle's music scene.
Her Approach of trying to be Different in the Indie pop world, could possibly work as a concept.
Her concept is strong Story telling, But in the same time keeping you enlightened to the point
that you gonna accept her music as unavoidable addiction. Maybe she accomlished a lot latelly,
But her first West Coast tour should Groundbreaking as well. He EP The Slowest Curve came as
colaboration effortwith producer Jay Pinto. She's Like Natalie Imbruglia or Dido but with more groove and ambience.
Now we gonna wait for her tour and go and check Adena live. Look for her upcoming Cherries & Horses west coast tour, in partnership with fellow songstress Jessica Lynne. and Don't forget to tell your friends!


Mr Kite

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