Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pause MC

Pause MC

is LA-Venice local and multifaceted artist. He's real name is Daniel Kushnir.
"Pause" recently  has won Hip-Hop Song of the Year for his song "Caroline". It's's international songwriting contest.
"There Must be some kind of way out of here", is kick off start for Pause MC, taking this Dylan or if you like Hendrix ( He covered it), Hook to whole new world.
While East Coast hip hop has been characterized for by multi-syllabic rhymes and know for its emphasis on lyrical dexterity, Pause is channeling the spirit of the '90s North California rap in which e grew up. Meaning huge brassy beats, funky low-end, and a tuneful, conscious-style flow
Also he did mixed this style with psych inputs and repeating chorus.That brought Pause MC into new world of Hip Hip with ambiance.
His Album PACIFIC ROSE also features some famous collaborators from LA underground scene.Double K from People Under the Stairs, who helped in polishing this album to be ready for major marketing and distribution channels.

It's nicely produced and cool Positive Hip Hop album , that you can play and repeat to everyone.

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