Monday, February 13, 2012

Countless Thousands - We're Just Really Excited To Be Here

Countless Thousands,Is band from Garden Grove, CA,With Danger Van Gorder guitar and vocals, Davey Munch on bass, and Jon David on 
I got a chance to listen to their new album "We're Just Really Excited To Be Here".
Band is playing regionally and somewhat Nationally promoting their new album.
This band belong to Modern Punk- Emo scene but with a sight difference that their music is flavored with, Strong Rock-Funky hooks,
So meaning that can apply to different sort of audiencess, it's really plus point for marketing and getting fans in the venues.
While you enjoy Pumpimg guitar riffs that would storm your favorite Indie Club, be also ready for some Radiohead psych breaks  (A Pirate's Shanty).
Well, for all  indie acoustic fans,  Acoustic side is also covered, more like Incubus walking to Offspring , but missing big Sing-a-long chorus, I guess if it's made for that at all.
I guess Strongest bet this band is basically Rockin Funk-Punk hooks, that can drive any crowd from any Dive bar to Arena Setting.
You can check Countless Thousands on Facebook
and also buy their music there.


Mr Kite

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