Thursday, January 11, 2007


Eastern Spirit: Definite winner

I would like to write some words about the album Eastern Spirit by The Streamers. I discovered this band on, of all places, myspace. Although the Artist tag on the CD is Sean Yoxovich and the Streamers, they actually call themselves just “The Streamers.” Sean is the guitarist and lead singer. These guys are an indeed rock band, which is different from my normal listening, which is classic rock. However, when I saw that their influences included the Kinks, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, I knew I couldn’t pass this one up, and the record didn’t disappoint. Overall, the tracks are very catchy, and you can definitely hear the influences - the Beatles-sounding Indian background music, the simple melodies of the Kinks. However, at the same time they make sure not to eclipse their own sound, and they still end up with a unique sound. By track:
1. Mr. Grey- this is my favorite song on the album. It takes a really simple lick at the beginning of five or so chords, and makes a great song from that.
2. Silver Birds in Yellow Sky- very Indian sounding, another good song.
3. This Is Not Material World- another great song, some good guitar work near the end.
4. Ghost- excellent gradual layering, another catchy song.
5. Again on the Road- another instance of them taking a very simple melody and making it a great song. Very kinks-esque.
6. Supper Piggy- Weird song, lots of psychadelia, good instrumentalism, but I don’t dig that kind of thing myself.
7. Dream of Freedom- a quality song, but at this point in the album, the songs start blending together.
8. Basement - see above
9. King of Darkness -a different, more acoustic sounding song.
10. What’s the Worth of Getting it All- Another song that just kind of blends in.
11. In the Park- awesome song,
12. Back to the Forrest- I don’t really like instrumental, psychadelic songs -
Overall, it is very good, but I feel that they need to add more variety. They have a good start, and as this record is three years old, I guess they have developed as musicians even more.

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